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You may be a beginner to the roof and think about how to invest in proper resources and professional services for the purpose of fulfilling wishes about the cheap and best roof for your property. You have to know the basic structure of the roof especially from the lowermost layer to outward. As the base of the roof, deck is usually made of plywood and designed to serve as the support for the overall upper layers.

Sheathing is the next support layer onto which the complete roofing elements are attached. This part is made of panel-like materials or boards. All other parts of the roof are laid in this layer. Leak barrier is located on the top of sheathing and designed to prevent the roof from the melting ice, wind, snow, and rain from leaking via the roof deck. This part of the roof also prevents staining on the interior portion of the walls and ceilings of the property.

The underlayment is properly installed as an extra protective and waterproofing material in the roofing system. It is installed before the shingles installed. It is mostly composed of a roll of paper or fiberglass combined with the asphalt or any other waterproofing material. A starter shingle is placed at the eave or any part of the roof which extends beyond the edge. The next shingle is placed to overlap one another. This process repeats until the completion of the roofing task.

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